<center>Music Lessons</center>

Music Tech Studios is dedicated to bringing quality music instruction to South Florida students.  The staff here understands the needs of the developing student and strives to provide a well-rounded music education, combining theory with practical instruction.  All woodwind, brass, percussion, violin, piano, guitar and voice lessons are offered.

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<center>Instrument Sales & Rentals</center>

Music Tech Studios offers a rental program for band instruments, violin, guitar and keyboard.  Your first month rental is free with a four-month minimum rental agreement.  All rentals may apply toward the purchase of that instrument.

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<center>Instrument Repair</center>

We provide repair and restoration services to the schools, both public and private, and to the general public. The Repair Center can repair and restore all types of band and string instruments, from piccolo to tuba – including all percussion instruments – and all models, from student to professional.

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<center>Books & Accessories</center>

All band, string and piano method books and music are available, as well as all the accessories needed for instruments from reeds and valve oil to guitar strings.

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Music Tech Studios, music lessons, instrument sales, rentals and repairLooking for the best Music Lessons in Broward?

You found the right place! Our instructors are among the best around! Your music lessons are sure to be a big hit!

Music Tech Studios is dedicated to bringing quality music lessons and instruction to students in Pembroke Pines and throughout all of Broward County. If your child is interested in developing their musical abilities, music lessons at Music Tech Studios are just what they need. Our staff understands the needs of the developing student and strives to provide a well-rounded music education by combining theory with practical instruction. Prospective band students interested in Broward County percussion lessons, Broward County woodwinds lessons or other types of instrument or music lessons can get a jump-start on their musical studies. Even those already enrolled in school-based band classes can benefit from additional music lessons.

Instructors here can do something most classroom music teachers cannot provide; give more individualized instruction in the student’s specialty instrument.  If interested in Pembroke Pines piano lessons or Broward County piano lessons, Music Tech Studios can help. Our experienced instructors have a passion for teaching music and will prepare your child for individual performance recitals.  Students, particularly those interested in choir, may wish to participate in Music Tech’s voice lessons program. These will help a student become proficient in developing his or her piano and voice skills, all from one convenient location!   Moreover, those interested in becoming crossed-trained can take Pembroke Pines guitar lessons at Music Tech Studios. No matter what instrument of study, taking music lessons can help develop character traits essential for life-long success. Some of these include: confidence, accountability, responsibility, discipline, and creativity.

Music lessons are a wise investment and the staff at Music Tech Studios accepts cash, check or all major credit cards. Instruments can be bought, rented or leased to own, and if your child already has an instrument, Music Tech Studios also offers service and repair.

Ready to get started with your music lessons?  Call Music Tech Studios at 954-447-8554 or use the simple and easy Contact Us form today and let your child’s musical journey begin!