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Group Guitar Lessons in Pembroke Pines, FL

Ready to become a master guitarist and play some popular tunes? Our group guitar class in Pembroke Pines is just for you! MTS guitar instructors are ready to jam out with you and take you on a musical journey that’ll have you playing guitar like a pro!

Learning guitar is very exciting, especially when you are doing it while also making friends. When learning how to play guitar, you will build strong hand and finger coordination, while also strengthening the right and left side of the brain. Not only is your hand and finger coordination improving, but you will also learn how to work with others.

From its creation in ancient Egypt, the second most popular instrument in the world comes in all sorts of forms. From nylon to steel strings, from acoustic to electric or somewhere in between, all giddy guitarists are invited to gather for this cool pick-party.

We have a variety of group guitar classes in Pembroke Pines to accommodate different age groups as well as skill levels. Students will learn all about playing together as a team and in this group setting, all participants will learn all the fundamentals of music theory targeted specifically towards guitar. In addition, students will build skillful guitar chops that’ll have them playing like a rockstar in no time! Whether you play on an electric or acoustic guitar, all musicians are free to join this fun and engaging atmosphere of our group guitar classes at Music Tech Studios.

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