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Group Piano Class in Pembroke Pines, FL

Playing piano is for anyone, at any time! Now, you can learn how to play it while making friends in our group piano class in Pembroke Pines. We have classes for almost any age group and level.
Our team of awesome piano instructors are high energy and ready to get you playing some awesome tunes on the piano.

Group piano classes give students the opportunity to grow together and reach musical goals that will last forever! The principle of teamwork and working with others is highly encouraged by the instructor.  Students will learn how to step out of the comfort zone of private piano lessons and work with each other as a team. This mindset greatly impacts each student’s growth and participation.

Our piano instructors  take the full hour of the class to go through all of the material thoroughly and efficiently, making sure all the students are on board and on the same speed as far as their musical development.

This group setting also has all students learning and understanding the fundamentals of music theory while also applying those basic fundamentals to their performance skills on the piano.

Whether you are new to music or if you are currently enrolled in private piano lessons, give yourself a challenge. Venture out of the private setting into a fun, and engaging group piano class in Pembroke Pines. It will stretch your musicianship and give you the wonderful opportunity to explore music with others!

Come join us!

My 8yr old loves her 1:1 piano sessions with Fernando and group piano with Jenelle Sanchez. Is a great combo that helps her grow, collaborate with other kids her age and have some fun making music.- Jimena


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