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Creative Music

Preschool Music Class in Pembroke Pines, FL

Calling all preschool prodigies! At Music Tech Studios, we believe no song is too big and no hands are too small to play music. That is why we have designed a creative music class that specifically targets little ones. Our music class for preschoolers in Pembroke Pines gets students moving freely and feeling the rhythm within.
This group setting provides the perfect environment for musical exploration, where students who are four and five years old can learn the basics of music theory through fun and engaging games. This preschool music program is especially designed to make musical concepts easier to understand and connect with at a young age. In addition, this group class serves the purpose of building a bridge to transition into private music lessons by the age of six or continue on to a group piano class for ages six and up.
Our instructors work to prepare our young musicians with the right tools and skillset to feel confident enough to perform a solo piece. Creative music class at MTS is the perfect setting to learn what music is all about and give you a preview of what a life filled with music is all about.



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