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Woodwind Lessons & Classes in Pembroke Pines & Online

Roses are red, violets are blue. If you can play the saxophone, you can play the flute and clarinet, too! Woodwinds are great because they all have similarities in the way they are played. So, once you can play one of them, you can transition smoothly into learning another instrument from the woodwind family with a little more ease.

Our woodwind instructors at our Pembroke Pines music school will work hard at making your lessons fun and engaging as you develop musical skills to help you grow properly as a woodwind soloist! In addition, the skills you will develop in your music lessons will help you as you enter into any music ensembles with other band instruments.

Students who are already part of their school band can benefit greatly from taking private woodwind lessons with us at Music Tech Studios, as our teachers strive to make any flute, clarinet, saxophone, or oboe lesson exciting and rewarding!

“My daughter enjoys playing the flute to the point that she practices at home.” - Sandy Vicaria

What makes our Woodwind Lessons in Pembroke Pines different?

We want this experience to be all about you. Located in Pembroke Pines, FL, Music Tech Studios offers saxophone, clarinet, and flute lessons for students ages five & up. Whether they’re group classes or private lessons, we’ll work with you by teaching you how to play the music you love. We are focused on providing personalized lessons to motivate you to keep practicing and rocking on. With over 20 experienced and qualified teachers, we will pair you up with a woodwinds teacher who can be a mentor, making your lessons fun and engaging.

Performance Opportunities

At Music Tech Studios, we offer FREE performance opportunities for all of our saxophone, clarinet, and flue students, giving them a chance to show off their hard work. We are confident in the power of music and the creativity each student has. Though some students may feel a little bit nervous to perform, it is our job to help you feel confident and excited to share your musical skills with the world.

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